Take Advantage of a 30% discount on our highly acclaimed Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Package this March only!

With No Smoking Day coming up (Wednesday 13th March), we are doing everything we can to support those who are looking to give up smoking. We’ve got the posters up, we’re talking to people coming into the Pharmacy and the Wellbeing Centre, we’re providing guidance but now we are going to put our money where our mouth is to help the fight against smoking!

For this month only, we are giving 30% off our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy package. Run by our highly experienced Hypnotherapist, Diana Powley, our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Package’s highly unique approach has helped hundreds of people break the habit once and for all. The package includes a pre-session CD, the comprehensive Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session and a full recording of your session to supplement your efforts afterwards. To back all this up, Diana uniquely provides a full 1 year of back-up support – if you start smoking again or feel like the urge to, you can come back for another session as many times as needed for a whole year!

Whilst the immediate physical effects of the smoking dissipate in days, the psychological effects can be much more longer lasting. For a lot of people, the one session is sufficient to overcome this habit and it’s effect permanently, however for others (where it is much more deeply rooted psychologically), the chance of relapse into smoking again is highest in the first 6-9 months and these are the people who need our help the most without being penalised for it.

The 1 year back-up that is included in the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy package has such a high success rate precisely because it ensures that only do you stop, but you stop for good… nobody can’t make you to stop smoking, but this is about as close as we can come! We have had a lot of success, with patients reporting marked benefits from the outset of feeling a lot healthier, having more energy, being able to smell and taste much more, not to mention the huge amount of money they have saved by not smoking any more. The usual fees for the 1-year Stop Smoking Package is £297, but until 31st March, you can have it at the promotional price of £199.

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