As dedicated healthcare practitioners we pride ourselves on offering an array of specialist massage treatments that deliver multiple benefits. Regular massage therapy can serve as a powerful tool in your healthcare regimen and we provide a selection of treatments in a professional, safe and friendly environment.

There are many conditions that can affect us daily as well as negatively impact our sleep patterns. Problems such as tinnitus, ear ache, congestion, headaches and psoriasis are all sources of great discomfort. Indian Head Massage focuses on the release of trapped tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing, Indian Head Massage is particularly effective for a wide range of disorders.

Lomi Lomi massage therapy hails from Hawaii and offers comprehensive benefits. An oil-based treatment, Lomi Lomi aids the muscular, immune, digestive and circulatory systems along with helping you achieve tranquility and harmony by rejuvenating the mind and spirit. As a therapeutic and healing technique it can be specifically tailored to target particular issues.

Whether you are an athlete or simply lead an active life a sudden injury can be debilitating. Deep tissue and Tui Na Massage therapy concentrates on the muscle system that has been affected to reduce pain and stiffness, improve flexibility and restore mobility. This particular treatment can also assist those with Fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injury and postural problems.

Ageing of course, is a natural process but there are many ways you can keep your skin looking fresh and healthy if you do not wish to undergo cosmetic surgery. Our Facial Rejuvenation therapy is the perfect alternative to going under the knife and can offer the many wonderful benefits of a face-lift. Along with helping to improve facial lines, wrinkles and muscle tone the treatment can boost general relaxation, eye strain and strengthen the immune system.

Pregnancy and the months that follow can have a profound effect on expectant and new mothers and we offer pregnancy and post natal massage treatments that are specifically structured to assist each individual. The treatment is offered in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, is safe and effective and can aid the well-being of both mother and child.

Our lengthy list of massage treatments also includes Ayurvedic Massage which is a complete body healing technique that can assist with many conditions and develop and maintain the bodies energy balance.

Our fully-trained and highly experienced therapists will devise a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and ensure you receive the best possible therapy. We offer a tour of our warm and welcoming facilities and you can also call us to arrange a free mini taster or consultation.