Professional Massage Therapists in Wandsworth

The Fairlee Wellbeing Centre based in the heart of Wandsworth providing an unparrelled range of specialist massage treatments to help you with a range of aliments.

Stress, stiffness, pain and anxiety are a common part of life for many of us in the UK, and as such, massage is highly effective and useful for relief. Various types of massage techniques have been utilised to help the mind and body for 1000’s of years, with both medical and natural practitioners agreeing upon its potency to enhance our health and overall wellbeing.

From our luxury 5-room centre in Wandsworth, we offer a wide range of massage therapies, each tailored to ensure that you can get the most possible out of it and achieve what you want from it, whether remedy or relaxation:

Offering both Remedial and Relaxation massage treatments

Remedial Massages (for injuries, sports and back/neck/shoulder issues):

  • Ayurvedic – combines deep massage with yoga stretches to improve circulation, mobility and alignment. This massage is unique in Wandsworth
  • Deep Tissue / Sports Therapy – concentrates on deep muscle layers to reduce tension, help injury recovery and as part of a long term sports training programmes.
  • Indian Head – Releases stress in the head, face, neck and shoulders tissues, muscles and joints.
  • Therapeutic – tailored treatment that combines various stretches with Deep Tissue, Swedish and Thai techniques.
  • Tui Na – type of Shiatsu, this deep treatment bring the body into balance
  • Pregnancy / Post-Natal – holistic treatment to relax and strengthen mothers and mothers-to-be.

Relaxation Massages:

  • Abhyanga – a deep oil-based massage
  • Facial – a natural and effective alternative to the traditional cosmetic face lift
  • Holistic – full body massage to aid rest and relaxation
  • Hot Stone – stones are placed across your back and combined with massage for a deeply relaxing treat.

Professional Massage treatments in Wandsworth

Each and every Massage therapists here has full UK-based qualifications and insurance. A lot of our practitioners are already highly acclaimed throughout Wandsworth, and we also run a stringent vetting process, before they start practising here, to ensure that they have outstanding patient experience and care.

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