As well as the many structural therapies and treatments used and endorsed by the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre we also promote mental and psychological wellbeing as an equal component when it comes to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Having served the South London population for over 30 years now we have developed a reputation for effective complementary treatments and remedies for a range of problems and issues. We believe passionately in the benefits of a confident outlook built on sound mental wellbeing.

To that end, our first class team of therapists have a number of cognitive therapies that have a range of far reaching benefits, giving our patients the sense of wellbeing they need to pursue a happier, more productive lifestyle.

By engaging with our therapists in a safe, secure and risk free environment, you can be sure of getting to the source of the problem at hand. Our psychotherapy and counselling services involve a specific course of therapeutic treatment entered into between a professional therapist and a client. This is undertaken in our bright, friendly and modern five room complex based on Queenstown Road in Clapham, where all our treatments take place in a welcoming and confidential environment.

Using a combination of Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Gestalt work, EFT, EMDR, Reiki and Psychotherapy, our therapists can tailor an approach that’s right for each individual patient – we know from experience that there’s no one size fits all solution for psychological issues

We focus on your positive innate strengths to give you a sense of confidence and wellbeing that is useful in treating a range of psychological issues, fears and phobias. These include anxiety, stress management and depression, as well as fears over public speaking and general confidence – our counselling techniques can lead to a dramatic improvement in self-esteem.

A reliable and honest course of psychotherapy that you can trust and rely on can also be the answer to more serious questions and issues that may be causing you concern on a daily basis – in the past, our safe and effective counsellors have helped people come to terms with serious traumas, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), allowing patients to relate to these issues in a way that makes dealing with the issue and managing it is far more straightforward.