Physiotherapy in Wandsworth

Fairlee Wellbeing Centre offers comprehensive in-house physiotherapy in Wandsworth, ideal for patients who require aid when recovering from injury. As well as musculoskeletal damage, we deal with cardiovascular and neuromuscular complaints on a daily basis, and our dedicated team are capable of treating every aspect of the human anatomy to help you achieve optimal fitness, from musculoskeletal injuries to breathing difficulties and more.

We employ specialist physiotherapists that are highly sought after for their expertise and methodologies, with an approach to physiotherapy that enables us to deal with a wide range of issues and conditions. While injuries to the body can be debilitating, our physiotherapists aim to get you back on track as soon as possible by diagnosing the full extent of the problem and coming up with a unique and practical solution.

Our wide-ranging methods of treatment include extensive manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises as well as ultrasound and heat therapy where needed.

Physiotherapy in Wandsworth

As well as correcting muscle imbalances and postural problems, Fairlee Wellbeing Centre’s physiotherapy in Wandsworth can be instrumental in dealing with:

  • Soft-tissue damage (for example, sprains, bruising, plantar fasciitis, heel pain)
  • Muscle and ligament damage
  • Prolapsed discs
  • Neck and back issues
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sciatica
  • Problems with joints
  • Repetitive strain injuries

In the past, we have dealt with all manner of conceivable musculoskeletal injuries ranging from arthritis and rheumatism to bone fractures and more. Our objective, however, remains the same: to aid recovery times from injury and reduce pain and any related problems, such as stiffness, swelling or lack of movement. In addition, we can carry out an ergonomic assessment that can help reduce the risk of similar or persistent injuries from occurring in the future.

Rehabilitation from surgery

Recovery from serious surgery can be drawn-out, traumatic affair, lasting months and even years in worst case scenarios until full functionality is restored. Our physiotherapy in Wandsworth treat patients going through rehabilitation from orthopaedic surgery on a regular basis, with a number of practical exercises and physical aids designed to facilitate ligament repair in a gradual and sustainable manner.

Pregnancy and post-natal issues

On occasion, physiotherapy may be an appropriate response to difficulties arising as a result of pregnancy, which puts pressure on the back, neck, shoulders and legs in particular. Our physiotherapy team in Wandsworth can offer advice and guidance on exercise and relaxation techniques, allowing patients to deal with pregnancy-related physical issues as well as aid post-natal rehabilitation.

Timings and Fees

Session Cost
Inital Assessment – 45 to 55 mins £55
Follow up – 40 to 45 mins £40
Block Booking – 3 Follow up sessions 115
Block Booking – 6 Follow up sessions 225

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