Podiatry in Balham

Whilst foot complaints are relatively common – it is estimated that between 75-80% of people carry at least a minor foot impediment with them every day – it essential that your feet are well cared for, as they literally carry you wherever you go. This is where the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre comes in. Our podiatry services in Balham are designed to ensure that people of all ages can access quality healthcare at all times for complaints with their feet and lower limbs, and we diagnose and treat a wide range of day to day problems as well as more challenging issues.

Over the years we have encountered all manner of foot related problems and complaints, from routine problems to serious and debilitating long-term injuries. In terms of both diagnoses and treatment, the podiatrists at Fairlee Wellbeing Centre have the skills, knowledge and expertise to be able to deliver the highest standards within the healthcare industry today.

Expert Podiatry services in Balham

As well as reviewing the general state of your health – and suggesting improvements – our podiatry experts in Balham can help you identify and remedy more specific ailments and complaints, both acute and chronic. In our experience, these can be caused by any number of factors, some genetic, some of which develop over the course of many years and some caused by lifestyle decisions, such as the pressure of ill-fitting shoes.

Treatment options vary widely depending on the requirements of each individual patient and the nature of the inherent condition. However, Fairlee Wellbeing Centre can recommend a number of non-invasive, natural treatments ranging from stretching exercises to a change of footwear. For more difficult cases, our podiatry specialists in Balham are qualified to carry out an extensive range of medical checks and remedies including X-rays, scans and injections where necessary.

Quality Foot care and related advice

Located on Queenstown Road, our friendly podiatrists are happy to pass on their knowledge and expertise to patients concerned about a specific issue relating to their foot care, and sessions with our practitioners are available on appointment.

As well as correcting postural abnormalities and addressing general aches and pains, our podiatry services in Balham can also be of use when it comes to issues such as:

  • Corns
  • Callous
  • Athletes Foot
  • Verracae Removals
  • In-growing toe nails
  • As well as general foot pain

In addition, medical conditions such as diabetes can often entail the development of complications specifically related to the feet, including but not limited to a complete of sensation. In these cases, a yearly check-up is essential. Our podiatry specialists in Balham supply a number of effective treatments ranging from Orthotic prescriptions and gait analysis reports to simple exercise recommendations and lifestyle changes that can help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Treatments & Fees


Treatment Cost
Routine Treatment £45 (OAP Rate – £35)
Verrucae Consult (Initial) £35
Follow-up Verrucae Treatment £22 – £35


Treatment Cost
Assessment £60*

*  Orthotic devices additional

Nail surgery indicative prices (1st re-dressing incl.)

Treatment Cost
One toe, one side £180
One toe, two sides £220
Two toes, one side £250
Two toes, two sides £280
Re-Dressings £18

No offers available.


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