Podiatry in Clapham

Very few people consider visiting a podiatrist as a means of alleviating general pain or even acute issues with their feet or lower limbs, and yet statistically this is one of the most common problems that an individual may suffer from, and could indicate more serious problems with mobility. At Fairlee Wellbeing Centre, our trained and experienced podiatrists in Clapham are capable of diagnosing the root cause of a wide degree of issues relating to feet and lower limbs, and can treat many common complaints and deformities.

As experts in dealing with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, we understand that foot complaints can come from a variety of different sources. Whatever the case, we believe that those who are suffering every day from pain, discomfort or physical abnormalities with their feet to get advice and guidance from our qualified practitioners, and see how our team of dedicated podiatry specialists in Clapham can help you to achieve real and lasting health benefits.

Inclusive podiatry services in Clapham

Our range of podiatry services in Clapham are relevant for people of all ages, and whatever the problem we can be on hand with a treatment plan designed to solve your individual requirements. This often requires an assessment of the patient to diagnose the nature and history of the problem, especially if it is a recurring one that has been troubling the patient for a period of time.

As well as relieving general foot pain and sports-related injuries, our treatments include resolving specific issues that can affect people every day. Our routine chiropody service sees us removing callous and corns, as well as nail cutting when required. We also treat in-growing toe nails, athletes foot and verrucas.

  • In-growing Toe Nails: a relatively common problem that occurs when a nail is damaged or deformed, for example through inappropriate footwear, tight stockings or lack of cutting. Symptoms include discomfort and pain.
  • Athletes Foot: an irritating rash found in the spaces in between the toes, caused by a fungal infection. It is surprisingly common to pick up as it easy to spread – as the name suggests, athletes who share common areas on a regular basis are particularly susceptible. Has the potential to spread further if left untreated.
  • Verrucas: caused by a viral infection (human papillomavirus) that causes a wart to develop, usually on the soles and toes of the feet. Common to both adults and children, our podiatrists in Clapham are qualified to remove verrucaes before they become a serious problem.

Wide-ranging treatment methods

As well as being able to supply a detailed gait analysis, showing the root cause of persistent injury or pain, our podiatrists can correct structural or postural deficiencies through the introduction of orthoses. Put simply, these are three dimensional insoles that allow the user to track their mobility and adjust any negative patterns of movement.

Alternative treatments include changes in footwear and physical exercises, among others.

Treatments & Fees


Treatment Cost
Routine Treatment £45 (OAP Rate – £35)
Verrucae Consult (Initial) £35
Follow-up Verrucae Treatment £22 – £35


Treatment Cost
Assessment £60*

*  Orthotic devices additional

Nail surgery indicative prices (1st re-dressing incl.)

Treatment Cost
One toe, one side £180
One toe, two sides £220
Two toes, one side £250
Two toes, two sides £280
Re-Dressings £18

No offers available.


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