What is Aromatherapy Massage and how can I benefit?

Aromatherapy Massage is a holistic massage with essential aromatherapy oils, combining the healing benefits of both for a deeply relaxing therapeutic treatment .

Aromatherapy calculatedly combines different scents to stimulate your own innate sense of smell for specific purposes – whether it is to elevate your mood, reduce stress levels, re-energise you or to enhance your overall wellbeing.

With this treatment, you also absorb the essential oils into your skin and blood stream through the slow, rhythmic, flowing connective strokes of the whole body massage. This effect of this is threefold:

  • it increases the effect of the aromas
  • it enhances the oxygen nourishment within the muscle tissues, in order to alleviate aches and pains whilst reducing fatigue
  • the lymphatic system is stimulated enabling your body to natural detoxify

Benefits of the Aromatherapy Massage treatment include:

  • Reduction in levels of Mental Stress and Anxiety / Increase of Clarity
  • Alleviating muscular tension and stiffness whilst reducing spasms and tightness
  • Physical pain relief
  • Enhanced Flexibility in the joints and limbs
  • Reduction in Blood Pressure and improvement in immune reaction

Timings and Fees

Session Length Cost
60 mins £60

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