What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi massage originated as a therapeutic technique from the islands of Hawaii, and represents an inclusive, holistic healing treatment that draws on a combination of body work and intention.

However, from long experience we know that authentic Lomi Lomi massage offers so much more than simply another physical massage discipline. Lomi Lomi massages aim to harmonise every aspect of individual wellbeing, taking in mind, body and spirit to deliver a profound sense of calmness. Each massage is carried out using the full concentration of the therapist in the Hawaiian spirit of aloha, with the end result being an excellent antidote to the kind of physical, mental and emotional stress that is commonly caused by the fast pace of modern life.

Traditionally, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage utilises a lengthy oil-based massage, during which a specialist uses their forearms, hands and on occasion elbows where necessary to promote muscle relaxation. This technique makes use of a combination of long, rhythmic strokes that fluctuate in both depth and strength, with continuous movement covering the entire body. The result is a flowing, dynamic holistic massage that helps clear, nurture and relax the patient. This discipline has profoundly beneficial impacts for the recipients’ muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and digestive systems.

In addition, Lomi Lomi massages can create an overall sense of comfort, enhance your self confidence and help you achieve a peaceful, tranquil mindset.

Because this massage involves the application of oil in a continuous flow of energy and technique we advise our patients to receive it without clothes; however the patient remains covered throughout with either a loin cloth or sarong. The oils that are used for our Lomi Lomi massages are a mixture of beautifully scented sweet almond and coconut oils. These products are of superior quality and have been specifically chosen due to their superior quality and have excellent dermatological properties.

Session Length Cost
90 mins £90

(please allow 2hrs for this treatment)

What is Hawaiian Massage for Pregnancy?

This specialist form of Hawaiian massage is a one hour gentle but effective massage that supports, and cares for the expectant mother. During which particular attention is concentrated to areas affected during numerous stages of pregnancy.

Hawaiian massage in particular for pregnancy helps calm the mind and the range of emotions that is commonly experience during pregnancy, while also relaxing the body. Furthermore, it relieves muscular tension, improves circulation and helps lessen water retention. Regular massage during pregnancy can helps thwart stretch marks & varicose veins.

Every individual treatment is tailor to the individuals needs, taken into consideration many different factors such as the stage of pregnancy. During the final stages of pregnancy the most comfortable position is often lying on your side supported with pillows.

Please confirm with your midwife or doctor that you are suitable to receive massage treatments during your pregnancy.

Session Length Cost
70 mins £60

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