What is a Chiropodist or Podiatrist?

Chiropodists / Podiatrists are specialists in diagnosing and treating complaints and deformities of the feet.

We provide foot health care to patients of all age groups and will accept referrals from GP’s and other medical professionals.

What treatments are provided?

Routine Chiropody

This form of treatment principally involves the removal of callous, corns and nail cutting. Most significantly, it allows the Podiatrist to provide professional advice or treatment to target the cause of the problem, in doing so preventing further recurrences of specific aliments.

Diabetic Footcare

Diabetics can result in the development of different foot complications, including the loss of sensation.
Therefore it is essential that diabetics should have annual foot assessments to monitor any loss of sensation, allowing the podiatrist to provide treatment and advice, before foot related problems may occur.

Verrucae Removal

A verrucae is a wart that is caused by the human papillomavirus, occurring commonly on the soles and toes of the feet. Verrucaes are a very common problem amongst both children and adults. A verruca is a small skin lesion which can be commonly found on the bottom surface of the foot normally measuring 1 cm in diameter but can be significantly larger in some cases.

Ingrowing Toe Nail

Ingrown toenails can occur when a nail has been damaged or is deformed. The main cause of ingrown toenails is via the wearing of unsuitable footwear, which includes shoes with inadequate toe room and tight stockings that apply top and or side pressures. Other less common causes include inappropriate cutting, genetics and trauma. As toenails grow into the skin it can be extremely uncomfortable and make walking very difficult, sometimes leading to infections. This condition can be awfully painful and sometimes requiring a surgical procedure under local anaesthetic.

Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot is a relatively common medical completing caused by a fungal infection, resulting in a irritating rash that can be found in the spaces between the toes. As the name signifies this conditions is generally found in individuals you participate in a lot of sport as the infection is easily spread in shared areas of sport facilities such as changing rooms. If left untreated the fungus can spread to the toenails, making them thickened and discoloured.

Footcare / Foot Health Advice

Maintaining healthy feet are essential to keep you mobile and it is always a good idea to have an annual foot check and our professional chiropodists can advise you on best practices to prevent certain foot related issues before the arise.

Biomechanics and Orthoses

Biomechanical assessment analyses your skeletal structure and looks at how you walk, identifying any link between the manner in which you walk and any persisting injuries that you may suffer from.

Treatment will probably be made up of the introduction of orthoses (3D insoles). In certain cases the resulting affect achieved from the introduction of the orthoses will not be substantial enough to fully remedy your aliment. In these cases we will advice you on other alternative treatments such as; stretching, changing footwear for certain activities or for short periods to allow the orthoses to take effect, injections, x-rays or scans.

Timing and Fees

Treatment Cost
Routine Chiropody/Podiatry £45
OAP Rate £35
Verrucae Consult (Initial) £45
Follow-up Treatment Save £22 – £35
Biomechanical Assessment £60
Nail surgery (Incl. 1st redressing) From £250
Redressings £18

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