Physical Therapies


What is Reiki? Reiki is an effective energy healing technique that improves our sense of well being by restoring balance to our mind, body, emotions and spirit. It does so by gently stimulating the flow of our subtle [...]

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What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapists combine their knowledge, skills and approach to improve a broad range of physical problems associated with different ‘systems’ of the body. In particular they treat neuromuscular (brain and nervous system), musculoskeletal (soft tissues, joints [...]

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What is Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine which focuses on total body health by releasing tissue tension, thus restoring balance to the musculoskeletal framework. Our professional Osteopaths in Clapham use a combination [...]

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What is Chiropractic Therapy? The practice of chiropractic therapy is an established and regulated healthcare profession in the UK. At the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre, our chiropractic therapists are primarily concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical [...]

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Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion and manipulation of very fine needles into various points on the body for pain relief or therapeutic reasons. Acupuncture originated in and has been practised in the Far-East for over 3000 years, making it [...]

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