Chiropody in Battersea

In conjunction with Fairlee Pharmacy, Fairlee Wellbeing Centre has a number of specialist treatments and prescriptions to correct deformities and complaints of the feet. As well as a number of non-invasive techniques to deal with deformities and infections we can recommend orthotic prescriptions where appropriate as well as certain exercises to help improve posture.

At the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre our inclusive chiropody treatments are suitable for people of all ages and medical backgrounds. Our friendly team of qualified chiropodists and podiatrists are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your treatment options in a clear, straightforward and understandable way.

Extensive Chiropody Services near Battersea

Our chiropody services cover everything from the removal of callous, corns and verrucae to cutting in-grown toe nails. In addition, we can give honest medical advice that could prevent similar issues from developing in the future – for example, the main causes of an in-growing toe nail include unsuitable footwear and inappropriate cutting techniques. Whilst these seem relatively simple to remedy, if left unattended in-growing toe nails can lead to infection and require surgery in extreme cases.

Another regularly common complaint that our chiropody service near Battersea deals with regularly is athlete’s foot, which is caused by a fungal infection that is easily spread. The result is an irritating rash that develops in between the toes with the potential to spread further, with adverse effects for toenails in particular.

Certain health conditions such as diabetes can have profoundly negative effects on foot health including loss of sensation. If this is the case for you, getting annual chiropody assessments can keep you one step ahead, giving you the ability to prolong your foot health as long as possible.

Customised treatment options

We accept patients on referral from GPs as well as patients on an individual basis who would simply to know more about their diagnosis and treatment options. If you are suffering from general foot pain or alternatively from a more acute problem, get in touch with the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre for foot care and general health advice.

Treatments & Fees


Treatment Cost
Routine Treatment £35 (OAP Rate – £25)
Verrucae Consult (Initial) £35
Follow-up Chemical Therapy £6


Treatment Cost
Assessment £60*

*  Orthotic devices additional

Nail surgery indicative prices (1st re-dressing incl.)

Treatment Cost
One toe, one side £180
One toe, two sides £220
Two toes, one side £250
Two toes, two sides £280
Re-Dressings £18

The importance of taking care of your feet

Whether you are training for a marathon or walking to work in the morning, your feet are an integral part of your lifestyle. Unfortunately for many people, this is one aspect that is frequently taken for granted, whereas in fact the foot and ankle forms one of the most complicated parts of human anatomy, containing some 26 bones and 33 joints. This makes regular foot care essential, particularly if you are susceptible to injury. A chiropody session can answer these questions and more.

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