Certified and Professional Reflexology in Clapham

Reflexology is based on certain reflex points on the hands, feet and head which are linked to every part of your body. Because the body is interconnected, this means that treatment in one part of the body can lead to significant health improvements in another part using a natural, non invasive process.

As well as improving sleep and increasing your energy levels, reflexology can be the key to a wide range of health benefits that can aid you in living a more balanced life. A certified reflexology specialist can provide you with the means to look after yourself, as well as helping you deal with day to day stress and anxiety. If you’re looking to gain a sense of well-being and confidence, clinical reflexology can be the solution.

By reviewing and constantly updating your medical history, the reflexology practitioners at Fairlee Wellbeing Centre can produce a dynamic plan of action that treats all your ailments and is tailored specifically for you.

Non-invasive clinical treatment

The treatment our clinical reflexology professionals rely on involves the application of pressure to various parts of the body, although we focus most often on the lower legs, feet, head and/or arms. Due to the nature of the human body, pressure in these areas can positively influence both your physical and mental state.

During the treatment process, the patient rests in a comfortable position whilst our reflexology practitioner apply targeted pressure to certain agreed points on the body. Although there may be some initial discomfort, most people experience a strong sensation of well-being and contentment both during and immediately after their reflexology treatment. Indeed, one key aim of reflexology is to improve your mood and sense of restfulness so you can better respond to undue stress and anxiety.

All of our reflexology specialists are trained, qualified and thoroughly vetted so that you can be confident that the treatments they prescribe will work effectively, delivering genuine for your health and sense of well-being. As well as targeting individual goals we aim to give you a sense of calmness and relaxation that allows you to approach other aspects of your life with ease and confidence.

Reflexology to improve Fertility

Reflexology in Clapham can also be a highly useful during preconception and pregnancy, and can be utilised as part of a proactive post natal care plan.

If you are having trouble conceiving or if you would like to improve your health during pregnancy, our reflexologists can help you get through a myriad of physical and mental problems that you may encounter. Each client will get an individually prepared treatment plan that works in conjunction with your natural or IVF conception plan.

Timing and Fees

Session Length Cost
Inital – 90 mins £90
Initial – 75 mins £75
Follow up – 60 mins £60
Acupuncture & Reflexology – 60 mins £70

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