Pregnancy Massage in Clapham

The stresses and strains of parenting can be overwhelming, especially to first time mothers who are unsure of what to expect. Fairlee Wellbeing Centre can help when it comes to coping with the immense pressure that motherhood brings, not to mention the physical difficulties to be encountered along the way. We have developed a soothing, relaxing pregnancy massage in Clapham which is performed in our modern, welcoming centre by qualified and experienced massage therapists.

Soothing pregnancy massage in Clapham

In association with the renowned Fairlee Pharmacy, Fairlee Wellbeing Centre is committed to providing the best possible natural, alternative and complementary treatments and therapies to our local community, and with our pregnancy and post-natal massages we have a course of treatment that is highly beneficial for both mother and child.

Each course of therapy is structured to be of maximum benefit to each individual patient we treat, which means that there is no “one size fits all” strategy – instead, we will consult directly with our patients to discover what issues are causing them the most distress. Then, in 1 hour sessions, our trained massage therapists deliver a tailored pregnancy massage that focuses on healing specific areas of pain and tension in the body.

Focusing on areas that are frequently sources of complaints (e.g. the back, legs, hips and legs), our pregnancy massage in Clapham produce the following effects:

  • Increased circulation which can reduce swelling
  • Relief from muscular complaints e.g. recurring cramps and spasms
  • Reduce stress on weight bearing joints
  • Peaceful, relaxing sensation that is long lasting

Relief from pain and discomfort

Fairlee Wellbeing Centre has an interest in natural therapies that spans the globe, and we constantly search for new techniques and undiscovered disciplines that can help us to provide better treatment for our patient’s. Getting a pregnancy massage in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of Clapham is one of over 30 different treatments provided by our dedicated therapists, and one that our patients have found highly appealing in the past.

The pregnancy massage consists of a gentle, cleansing massage taken over the course of no more than one hour, although in that time our therapists are able to focus specifically on common areas of pain and tension using relaxing stroke techniques. The result is a massage that calms the mind, relaxes the soul and gives the patient relief from tense, strained muscles.

Suitable during second and third trimester of pregnancy, each treatment is customised, which means that no two massages are ever truly alike. In general, however, the areas of the neck, shoulders, back and legs are targeted, either as a one-off treatment or as part of a sustained and regular course of therapy. For more information, contact us or visit us at our Clapham centre.

Timings and Fees

Session Length Cost
60 mins £60

No offers available.


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