Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in the fight versus smoking addiction. The hypnotherapist embeds positive suggestions within the patients to bring about positive changes into their life style. As standard, this treatment method is generally applied for correcting the behavioral issues of patients of any age and gender. In this context, Smoking is broken down into a behavioral problem that may be remedied by injecting positive suggestions that banishes the smoking habit.

Before undergoing Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, you should consider the hypnotherapists experience and qualification, as well as your own comfort and willingness to cooperate with them to accept the positive suggestions.  Be prepared to psychologically submit yourself to the Hypnotherapy treatment with a positive frame of mind, and this will be very evident to yourself and the hypnotherapist from the outset. No hypnotherapist can invent a miracle if the patient is not ready to receive the treatment.

Most hypnotherapists offer a one-off session for smoking cessation. However, some cases may require a few more follow up sessions depending upon the underlying psychological factors for the patients’ smoking problem – sometimes a range of other personal issues have to be tackled with Hypnotherapy to cut the root of the smoking addiction. It is therefore important to look at the level of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy back up and support provided by the Hypnotherapist, in case further sessions are needed. For example, Diana Powley offers one whole year of free and unlimited back up support as part of her stop smoking hypnotherapy package, which is ideal in tackling any underlying barriers to quitting smoking, should they arise.

Hypnotherapy, being a treatment that intends to correct behavioral issues may require all information regarding the patients personal life to find out the root cause of the problem. For effective and successful Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy treatment, you must be more than willing to answer all hypnotherapists questions. The stop smoking hypnotherapy includes all the hypnotherapy proficiencies such as preparation, induction, deepening, intention and awakening. You will be given positive affirmations and suggestions to break psychological smoking habits and reduce your cravings whilst undergoing a hypnotherapy for smoking. A good hypnotherapist will provide pre-session material to prepare you and a recording of your session on tape or a CD afterwards, as a means to reinforce the therapy by yourself.

Those who suddenly quit smoking (‘cold turkey’) often undergo a lot of aroused and psychological difficulties as part of their addiction. Hypnotherapy may be used as an effective tool to support to overcome these withdrawal symptoms and mental changes that they are facing. Whilst a relatively new and novel way to stop smoking, several studies have concluded that hypnotherapy is effective and enjoys a high success rate (one in five according to New Scientist issue 1845) when compared to other more traditional treatments to stop smoking.